COMING HOME | Best Fiends fanart | SAI Speedpainting

What do you think this COMING HOME | Best Fiends fanart | SAI Speedpainting video?

COMING HOME | Best Fiends fanart | SAI Speedpainting

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I had the pleasure to work with Best Fiends for this video! I decided to paint the land of Minutia along with some of my favourite fiends. They’re having a well deserved rest and fun time after freeing their families and the rest of Minutia from the slug pest that took over after the meteorite struck Mount Boom.

Temper is so mesmerized by that strawberry and the whole strawberry patch. Bob is having fun seeing how entranced his fiend is. Kwincy is rejoicing in the scent of mellow flowers while Labbit is overly eager because he can see home from the top of the tree. Howey is waiting for the rest to be ready to start their journey back home, now as heroes and best fiends.

PS. Mount Boom seems to be pleased to be back to normal!

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