TATTLETAIL FANART | Good Ending + Christmas Morning | SAI Speedpaint

What do you think this TATTLETAIL FANART | Good Ending + Christmas Morning | SAI Speedpaint video?

TATTLETAIL FANART | Good Ending + Christmas Morning | SAI Speedpaint

Tattletail commission for Zero. Miz-Kun’s (upcoming) nightcore video for Tattletail Song – Don’t Tattle On Me Remix- The Living Tombstone feat. Caleb Hyles and Fandroid. This is the good ending with you opening your gift on christmas morning to find your cute Tattletail! Just… in bishie human form hahaha

I also made an evil Tattletail version for the bad ending. I’ll post the evil one on Thursday or Friday.

Zero wanted me to challenge myself and do a more detailed style, similar to that of Kawacy the incredible. I’m happy with the results, even though it was hard and it’s nowhere near Kawacy’s level of skill… But if I keep pushing my limits, I’ll be sure to improve faster!

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