Drawing Tommy’s Puppet Lab new banner! | Feat. FNAF + BENDY + TATTLETAIL

What do you think this Drawing Tommy’s Puppet Lab new banner! | Feat. FNAF + BENDY + TATTLETAIL video?

Drawing Tommy's Puppet Lab new banner! | Feat. FNAF + BENDY + TATTLETAIL

What’s up everyone? My best friend Tommy from Tommy’s Puppet Lab ( www.youtube.com/tommygk) asked me to make him a new banner for his channel. He wanted something that depicted his puppet lab and featured his OC Fabrice (he originally asked for Butterfree, that’s why I changed it halfway through this video). Since I wanted his banner to really capture the essence of his awesome channel, I also included some of his infamous puppets! #FNAF’s Golden Freddy and #Springtrap, #Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine and #Tattletail!

Uh, oh… Fabrice is up to no good again…

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